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What are the effects of metal stamping die clearance on stamping parts?

Metal stamping die is an important component of metal stamping processing, a single part of the mold entity in the manufacturing process according to the dimensions and tolerances marked on the drawings for independent processing (such as blanking die, punch, guide post and guide sleeve, die handle, etc.).

These parts usually go directly into the assembly. During the manufacturing process, some dimensions of some parts can be processed according to the dimensions indicated on the drawings. The relevant dimensions need to be coordinated. Some need to be processed by composition before entering assembly, and some need to be coordinated by composition during assembly. The dimensions marked in the drawing are for reference (for example, the guide sleeve guide post fixing hole of the die holder, the punch fixing hole on the multi-punch fixing plate, and the bolt hole and pin hole of the plate fixed together).

Usually in the stamping production process of metal stamping processing, the gap of metal stamping die has a decisive impact on the quality of the stamping parts. Xintaoyuan focuses on non-standard hardware processing. How does the size of the gap of common metal stamping die affect the quality of stamping parts?

The clearance of the die is related to the type and thickness of the material stamped. Unreasonable clearance can cause the following quality problems of stamping parts:

1. If the clearance is too large, the burr of the stamping workpiece is relatively large and the stamping quality is poor;

2, the gap is small, the stamping quality is good, the mold wear is serious, the mold service life is greatly reduced, easy to cause the punch fracture;

3, if the gap is too large, it is easy to produce adhesion on the stamping material, resulting in the material belt in the stamping process. The gap is too small easy to form a vacuum between the punch bottom and the metal plate, resulting in scrap rebound;

4, reasonable gap can prolong the service life of the mold, has good unloading effect, reduces burr and turning, keeps the plate clean, the aperture will not scratch the plate, reduces the number of grinding, keeps the plate straight, accurate stamping positioning.

Metal stamping manufacturers for many years focus on non-standard hardware stamping parts, quality control strictly, worthy of your trust.