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New cell phone card needs biometric identification! Kazakhstan plans new anti-fraud measures

Kazakhstan's Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry recently announced plans to propose biometrics in the registration of Pr phone cards as a new means to combat Internet/telecom fraud.

"This way, we hope to remove the use of other people's identity information to register mobile phone cards," said Baghdadt Musin, Minister of Digital development.

The ministry also urges close cooperation with banks on anti-fraud publicity, as such cases are frequently related to banking operations.

"As a solution, a system could be injected into social software and communication platforms that can recognize bank staff when interacting," Musin said.

Other solutions to such problems were submitted during the joint departmental meetings.

For example, generate a platform that aggregates all anti-fraud information.

"These proposals do not eradicate the problem, they are only a small part of the solution," Musin stressed. In addition to technical issues, we also need to address economic issues, enhance public awareness of financial fraud and judicial awareness, etc."